Chaotic Evil Customs from The Void - Handmade Dice Sets for TTRPGs

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One of our dearest friends, The Void, is joining us on our dice making adventure! He is creating his own molds and dice sets to bring you dice with a dark edge.

These are some of The Void's first designs!

Corrupted Blood :

Globules of darkness spread and corrupt these blood dice.

Handmade Dice Set. Corrupted Blood DND Dice


Bottomless Chaos:

Swirls of shimmering gray, black, and silver clouding any clarity in this dark set.

Handmade Dice Set. Black and Gray Shimmering TTRPG Dice Set.


Earth Shaker:

Something stirs below the surface of these dice, pushing shimmering gold and green tones into the light.

Handmade DND Dice set. Shimmering brown and gold dice set.


Bottomless Chaos D20s with Custom Ink Colors

Handmade D20. Black and Silver D20 with Red lettering

Handmade d20 for a DND Dice Set.


Thanks for checking out The Voids new dice designs! More to come, for current updates and release dates, follow us @cozygamershop on Twitter or Instagram :)



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