Lilac Handmade Dice Set, Herbalism Series
Lilac Handmade Dice Set, Herbalism Series

Lilac Handmade Dice Set, Herbalism Series

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Lilac dice set. Handmade resin dice set.

This set contains dark purple lilac flowers from my garden! These were wonderful to work with because they smell so good. They also have holographic silver glitter and iridescent star glitters that catch the light.

These are made with our sharp edge molds and look like magical cut gems.

I will ink these to your preference of color! I have metallic gold, silver, and bronze as well as the main colors of the rainbow. Please let me know in a note while purchasing or contact me at

These dice are handmade and do have little imperfections. They are more for the emotional response and beauty of them, but also roll really well, all numbers seem to be random. These would be amazing for a lover of all things plants and nature.

They come in a small drawstring bag, if you would like a custom made crochet dice bag, or hand painted dice box just for these, please let me know! I would love to make that!

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