Unending Breath Dice Set. Blue, Purple, Micro Shimmer and Vapor



Photo credit to Josie @lorillas_dice on instagram

Unending Breath Dice Set.

Perfect for characters who come from the Genasi race, or that have an affinity with water or magic.

Micro shimmer glitter dice set with black and blue suspended ink. 

8 piece polyhedral dice set. This set has an extra D6, it features our custom cat wizard on a crescent for the 6 side, a star on the 1, and paw counters on all the other sides. Our D20 also has a paw heart on the D20, 20 side.

This set is a CozyGamer exclusive and is designed by Therin.

These are made for Dungeons and Dragons and other excellent TTRPGs as well as Magic The Gathering.