Blood Skies Dice Set. 7 Piece Dark Forest Themed Dice Set with Tiny Bats



Blood Skies Dice Set

After hearing of drained corpses and empty graves, further rumors of a dark presence in the old castle ruins pique your curiosity. The village is offering whatever rewards they may have to stop the strange deaths and uncover the mystery of the missing bodies. You prepare yourself to investigate the ruins the following day. They are more than a day’s walk on the old forest road. 

You start your journey in the early morning, with the rising sun. After an uneventful long walk through the woods, you make camp as the sun starts to set. As the moon rises, you notice it is tinted red, reflecting its ominous light throughout the thin clouds. Tiny bats start to catch your attention and you find your eyes darting around the trees with dark quick shadows of movement in an otherwise silent and still camp.

7 piece polyhedral dice set. 

Red resin with shimmering thread and tiny black bat glitters. 

This set is a CozyGamer exclusive and is designed by Therin.

These are made for Dungeons and Dragons and other excellent TTRPGs as well as Magic The Gathering.