D20 Capture Necklace



I love these necklaces, I wear mine every single day. People ask me what kind of gemstone my Celestial Silver D20 is, and I ask them to roll for investigation and pop it out and hand it to them. 

I actually asked one person to roll for friendship at a party, and he rolled a natural 1, it was the most hilarious exchange I have had with a stranger. I do not recommend using this method of establishing friendship at parties in the case that they roll low, but hey, it's a great ice breaker/maker. 

These are handmade by Ashley Armstrong, she is an incredible artist and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to support her art and get some of these fun necklaces made by her. 

These are made with bright aluminum for the cages, and are on high quality stainless steel chains.

D20s are not included, you will get to choose your own and swap them out to match your outfit/vibe/newest set. I've never lost a the D20 I've put in mine, and I flail and pounce a lot. 

The necklace is 18" in total, so it comes to a good placement on the upper sternum.